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About Us

We proud of our 300 youthful and excellent staffs in Hanoi, Quang Ninh, Lang Son, Nghe An, Thanh Hoa, Quang Nam and Kon Tum…. InnovGreen always highly values human resource as the most precious and decisive contribution to our sustainable development.

We facilitate our workers with high-tech mediums of exchange such as computer system or communication network. It is the perfect combination between modern facilities and traditional measures that make our internal and external communications better and better.

We believe that, with the dynamic, creative power and advanced environment that we have been establishing, InnovGreen would achieve spectacular and splendid progresses in future.

We, the whole InnoveGreen’s members, continuously make the best efforts toward the defined “five-benefit” target.

Vision: Create a leading social enterprise, constantly creating economic value and paying attention to social interest.



  • Create a Leading Enterprise with advanced technology in forestry sector in Vietnam.

  • Create an Enterprise attracting many talented persons, being a place to bring into play their talent and showing their personal value.

Basic Value:

  • Co-growth: Target to win-win goal, for the sake of common benefit and social benefit of the Company. Not to defy nor try to find the way to make other people failed.

  • Openness: Always listen to, respect and acquire opinions of the others. Not to wrongly assume, hide the fact, nor attack the others; Dare to criticize others or self criticize for mutual improvement.

  • Creativeness: Continuous improvement, pursuing the progress, and change to show off the individual value, toward the perfection. Not to satisfy with present or to take action against the change.

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