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Cây dược liệu dưới tán lá rừng
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Plant A Tree Campaign

The land was polluted during the war, and mother nature becomes barren since ever.
For this reason, environmental organisation over the world has the ambition to work together and make it better land. After decades of effort, today, the land is planted with millions of tree align to the FSC’s standard, when cutting down a tree, you plant another tree back to the land. 
EverEarth has always been a supporter of FSC, in fact, joining the plant tree action at Vietnam is one the way to make ecology sustainable.

The Plant A Tree Campaign
In recent years, the global aridity has increase global warming, cause many species to lose their habitats. EverEarth has spent many years on protecting plant cover, and endeavour in people and nature’s sustainable lifestyle. Therefore the ‘Plant A Tree Campaign’ was established, encouraging our customers and children to join the forest protection and expansion in coverage. EverEarth is dedicate in developing children’s understanding of sustainable and environmental concepts, starting the first toy children owns.

One Toy, One Tree
EverEarth raise the ‘Plant A Tree’ event. Every toy sold means a tree plant back to the land. Through this way, we can replace the tree we cut down, and regenerate forest to maintain the sustainable cycle. 
EverEarth trust in: “Today we transmit the environmental concept and toy to children, We can see a greener earth in the future.”

Plantation Process

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